“The Lady of Butterflies.” In The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (November/December 2018 issue). Information on buying the issue here (print or digital).

“Everything about it has changed: its senses, its diet, its body. And yet… people say the butterfly still dreams of being a caterpillar.”

“The Palace of the Silver Dragon.” In Strange Horizons (October 2018). Read online or listen to the podcast.

“I was born beneath Farer’s Axe, under inauspicious stars. My mother left me and my father hated me. I dreamed no dreams, loved no one, lost nothing but what I destroyed with my own hands.”

“A Place Without Seasons.” In Factor Four #3 (October 2018). Read online (Subscribe here), or buy the issue in paperback and Kindle.

In the gloom of the freezer, Shiro dreams of snow.

“Subtle Ways Each Time.” In Escape Pod #646 (September 2018). Read or listen online here.

A man loses a woman. As if she were car keys, an umbrella, a scraggly doll in the arms of a child.

“The Mooncakes of My Childhood.” In PodCastle #540 (September 2018). Read or listen online here.

The mooncakes of my childhood were hard as rocks. I killed a man with them, in the fall of ‘68.

“Glass Heart Giant.” In Sanctuary (September 2018) from tdotSpec. Buy the book:, Get the ebook for free here.

We lived in the glass heart of a giant. For many sleeptimes now, we’ve tried to escape.

“The Girl with the Frozen Heart.” In Awakenings (August 2018) from The Book Smugglers. Read online here.

He tried to pluck the arrowhead from her chest and close the wound, but her skin shrivelled and blackened at his touch. He was the god of winter, destined to take life and not to give it back.

“Final Flight of the PhoenixWing.” In The Razor’s Edge (June 2018) from Zombies Need Brains LLC. Buy the book:,, from the publisher, or as an ebook (Kobo, Kindle, Nook).

She had done everything, said all she needed to say, outlived every other pilot of her generation. Keito was all that remained for her: his message, his homecoming, and the promise that had spanned seven years of his life and fifty-eight years of hers.